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Let me see if I get this

pexels-photo-461049.jpegvia Daily Prompt: Grasp

Is it a failing of my own, or has the world gone a tad mad? I cannot grasp the extent to which situations, circumstances, behaviors and relationships have dwindled to an appalling naught. Little, it seems matters as it once did. There is no desirable code of conduct among us anymore. I blame the times, our leadership, and the choices we seem to have made. Everything else is out of my grasp.

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What’s that you’re wearing?

Love with flourishes.

via Daily Prompt: Costume

What if we only recognized each other by our plummage? We would be identified by the costume we wore.

You would know who the players are by the color and cut of our clothing. This would be somewhat akin to wearing Capulet red in the Peter Martins version of Romeo + Juliet for the NYCB. No Montague would be seen in anything but one of green toned outfits.

A variant on clothes makes the man in these circumstances says that the costume establishes the person.

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Mass murder

firearm-handgun-revolver-gun-53351.jpegGuns –as the pro-gun lobby likes to say– really do kill people, but those guns have to be in the hands of a person to do damage. The plea that gun ownership be kept in check so that the nutcase in your children’s high school can’t acquire one is largely being ignored by the officials in our government. The president and the nation’s attorney general agree that we need to do something about mental health. They are mum on the subject of gun control.

The fact that someone as clearly unbalanced as Nikolas Cruz could amass an arsenal of weapons should give us pause about the gun selling business. He was not exercising his Second Amendment rights; he was planning mass murder.

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Stake your Claim

1brassyvia Daily Prompt: Insist

If there is any doubt about the truth, insist on evidence as proof. Demand, require, argue, protest, urge, exhort, and assert your unwillingness to be complicit in a lie. Insist on honesty. #Resist falsehood.

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How shall I put it?

Heel-Toe (c) Tamara Beck

via Daily Prompt: Simplify

To paraphrase a complex thought, I need to break it down. “Break it down,” incidentally is a dance term as well. It involves taking the steps you’ve combined and presenting them in an effort to simplify the movements.

Some of us are better at this kind of activity, the process that makes things easier to understand. Those who are can simplify anything and make it accessible. I find it harder to break down the dystopia, for instance, of our post 2016 America into a simple sound bite. There is very little that will simplify it enough to make it easier to swallow.