Let’s face it. The status quo is no status at all. It’s just stasis


Gallery tours, Tables for two, Abstracted, askew. A conch shell is So sensuous, it gleams, Colors translucent, Opaque, visions in Lines, and blocks, Rectangular, squared  

Picture this — Take Note

It’s picturesque, picture-perfect, Even pretty as a picture, the Soft porous clouds suspended In the still blue sky, motionless, At least while we watch. going Nowhere, but completing a picture Of a beautiful day, that reaches Down to the turbulent waters, Rushed by propellers and barges, Sailing vessels and motor boats, These contrivances churn the […]…

Sage-ish advice

Don’t get a dog. Your husband will flirt with all the other dog owners he meets. If you do get a dog, you should be the sole walker in the house. Or, I suppose, you could hire a professional. If your children are old enough, they can shoulder responsibility for the dog’s outings.  

Funny — Commenting

Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld and Nicolas Cage have something in common. Two of them are comedians, but all three of them are collectors of automobiles. Leno has a show called Jay Leno’s Garage and Seinfeld stars in Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. The latter fits J.S.’s generally minimalist approach– aka the classic Seinfeld which was…

It’s the 4th of July: Who are you?

Many of us are, or are descendents of those who have come from far away to be in America. The place we were born and the one in which we landed conspire to make our identity. We say we are Italian-Americans, or Americans of German ancestry. Some brought the homeland with them, for instance, naming…

Hope, hate, and disruption

When we lost hope, we also abandoned principles of decency and justice. The banners of hate, complicity and racism are cynically being held up to wave over the new US of A. We are so used to strong-arming and speech that incites to anger that we have become compliant. The abundance of disinformation from the top…


The B’School thinkers and doers have come to consider all progress to stem from disruptions. Each economic moment is created from the destruction of a previous one. We move forward by innovating, and innovation disrupts the status quo. Entreprenuers are meant to be at the forefront, leading the charge. Not all entrepreneurs are such trailblazers….

Words cannot express

When I lost my mother tongue I gave up my otherness It was important to me, once, I thought, to be different, to Avoid  the chameleon cloak of Conformity, the pull of belonging. When I lost my native language, I gave up the tribe to which I Was born, where I belong is Here, reflected…