Sad refrains: a sextet of songs from the heart

Brilliance in a moment is a flash,
It blinds like sunlight after darkness,
Scintillating but not scorching
Cool light blue with promise
Diamond-hard and crystal-clear
Simple like days following night.

I who do not want for words, scratch for answers
Ruminating on the mundane, wistful over the everyday,
The ordinary tears at my heart, teases my pen,
Haunts me in pain
I am haunted by small things that seem so big
Life’s questions are simple and sweet, the answers
Sometimes, tragic
Sometimes grand, often unheeded as they echo
The ringing of a buses’s bell, stop requested, stop

I do not want for words
Thoughts running uneasily in the patter of rain,
Life’s questions are grand, sometimes tragic
The answers simple and sweet

Your words have stung me into silence
Silence has been between us all these years
Once it was broken, like when you broke my
Heart, again, heedlessly, with no care for me
The silence will have to heal me now

Pain is good for the poor heart
Hard on the heart made
Tender by caring

You who do not know me at all, 
How can you wound me so?
Why would you want to? for the happy
I am not part of your life
I do have my own reasons to
Be happy
Reasons for happiness abound
They surround me in moments
I can claim for my good
But you, you are out of reach

Sadness passes for the happy at heart
Like the prick of a rose, it stings in a moment
The sweet smell of the flower intoxicates
It soohes away the hurt as if it were a balm
Sadness passes like clouds in a sun-full sky

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