A Riff on Globalization

Globalization takes away the individual identity not just of countries far from our shores, but of our own communities as well.

 Foreign countries see the global economy as one in which some companies take over their landscape. An economy which is global only in the sense that certain American and other (mostly Western) companies and industry are given global reach to infiltrate the world—planting the Golden Arches on their soil.

But here at home, the same national chains undermine our local economies, industries and businesses. The local movie theater on Main Street has long been replaced by the Cineplex and the Mall. Home town grocers can’t compete with National chain stores.

Regional brands have been ousted from the shelves by nationally recognized products. Every town looks the same, selling, fast food and name brand clothes on its  sheets and nearby malls.

In some towns, the streets barely survive as commercial thoroughfares.

Everything begins to look the same. We drink the same soft drinks, eat the same baloney and cheese. There is no quirky product we can own as just ours.



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