January 2001

January 19, 2002

As the flakes start falling, the squirrels scurry across the fields of Central Park.

They burrow through fallen leaves, rooting for food. They check trees for shelter, chattering madly as they run.

It’s lovely. Snow is falling, not sticking to much, but a few awnings, and the tires on top of the Fox 5 vans I pass on 67th Street.

Earlier as snow began to fall, squirrels scurried across the fields in Central Park, rooting in dry leaves for food, checking tress for shelter and all the while chattering nervously and loudly.


January 20, 2002

It fell harder and some of it stuck. Now it is mostly on the bushes and car tops. The streets have been cleared. There is ice on some sidewalks where it wasn’t cleared, as the day turned colder and melting snow froze harder.

The day has turned into one of those dry cold clear blue skies days that follow a stormy grey day. It is beautiful and the white caps all around add a touch of color to it. Sunshine makes it a friendly day—one you really enjoy being out in despite the icy patches and the cold.

January 30th

January 19th I was recording snow fall and monitoring the park’s wild life in their responses to the enveloping white. Today I am over heated in my jacket, open to the 60  air. Life like weather is unpredictable.



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