Minutes ticking…..

You know how time passes quickly, minutes ticking

by, when you’re

engrossed  in something, busy with the details, the minutiae?

And then, how time crawls so very slowly when you are waiting for

an event, for something to happen?

Well, that’s how life is… it’s spatial and temporal… moving in space like a rocket when you’re not paying attention to its passing, when you’re distracted from it

Then it roars to a standstill when you notice its details and watch it up close, when you get personal and really really pay attention to all  the details, all the little things

Let life screech to a halt sometimes so you can savor the days, and stretch out, basking in the small  wonders, holding all the minutes in the sunshine of time and space

You know how the minutes pass and the days fade and time flickers in the dusk, let the days slow you down, watch them as they pass 

That’s life. That’s how it goes….



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