The granddaughter poems: 2002

To my granddaughter as she turns 14


You were so little when first we met

Grandchildren often are, but you were

Not an infant like your younger
sister who was

Just a week old when first I held her


You were two and determined 

You came into my life like the gentle sigh of an impending hurricane

I knew your power to move me

I felt the soft touch of your hands upon my arms

When I held you in my lap to read to you 

I knew your spirit would sweep into mine and

you would find your way into my heart and reign there forever

Leaving deep deep footprints of love and understanding



Ah Julia!

She goes her own way and thinks her own thoughts


I held her when during her first week when she was tiny and content


She is dazzlingly beautiful so that teenage girls turn to look and wish they were like her


She is pensive, and in her own time and way lively

Knowledgeable really, as if she were the adult and we the children

Sweet Hayley

Prattling prettily

Quizzing us

The youngest has a special place

In our hearts, in our thoughts

There’s a magical bond

A talent for truth telling and      astounding questions

Questions the other two would not think to ask

Puzzling, persistent, curious and        astute


Prattling prettily, quizzing us

The youngest has her speci

















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