Just the facts

© Tamara Beck
© Tamara Beck

It depends, doesn’t it
On your perspective,
On your point of view,
Or as my script puts it,
On your P.O.V., on just
How you see it, things,
Your view is different from
His or mine, I remember the
Day, the events of that day,
You start with tying your shoes,
I thought I saw George on the
Corner when we passed, he
Says he wasn’t out til later.
You tied your shoes, and
Someone went by us then,
I looked up to see a cloudy-sunny-
Ambiguous sky

It depends, doesn’t it, on
Your point of view, on where
You stood that day, or any day,
On where you stand today,
On who was next to you or nearby.

We see things differently, you
see things your way, and I mine,
The azure in the light, the green,
The blue, the haze and the brightness,
The evening light, the shadows,
The shadows are clearer to some,
Than they are to others.

It depends, doesn’t it, on your
Perspective, on the angle from which
You gaze into the star-filled night,
It depends, doesn’t it, on how
Bright the moon, how dazzling the sun












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