Drop your inhibitions

Have you ever imagined yourself in an affair so intense that it might actually kill you, or at least transform you?

from http://www.nycballet.com/Ballets/B/Barber-Violin-Concerto.aspx
from http://www.nycballet.com/Ballets/B/Barber-Violin-Concerto.aspx

In Peter Martins’ ballet, Barber Violin Concerto (a Music Director’s Choice program this year, and on the matinee on January 31st), it’s easy to imagine this to be the subtext.

Lovers are engaged in an adventure so provocative that they are changed forever. They are freed of inhibitions, as the impish Samuel Barber …Concerto plays in the background. Of course, the Barber… is about ballet flirting with modern dance, the classical couple prim and composed, the modern loose and free.

The Barber… reappears in the spring NYCB season, on April 21st and 30th and at the matinee on May 7th.

This time, it’s paired with Jerome Robbins’ wonderful and light-hearted  N.Y. Export Opus Jazz and the new Dessner/Peck The Most Incredible Thing.




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