Hey, it’s hot

Author’s note: As a teen, I found heat intoxicating, titillating, and a fine metaphor. Today, I continue to explore its effects.


Languid in the melting heat, I sit under the sun’s intense gaze

Wondering if the tension so palpable in the air will uncoil.

As the bright sun blazing paints the sky around me with haze

My ease is complicated as the temperature threatens to roil.

My leisure is lazy, relaxed, yet uncertain, delicate, dimmed

By the  light so fiercely and passionately around me rimmed


Cool spots are hot spots

When the temperature rises

A breeze hits the spot

While the sun blazes

Winds off the river

Fan the air and take

The edge off the heat

Breezing by they deliver

Just enough to slake

The passions that fill the air



Nowhere to go, just sit, bask in the sun’s glory,

So bright, so hot, enjoy its sizzling beauty,

The temperature rises until the air swathes

Engulfing, encompassing, holding tight

Heat defines you on these days

The blue skies creased in haze

It’s tropical and we don’t live in the tropics

Humid by any definition, heat is a hot topic

Nowhere to go, just bask

No rush, just relax


Heat on your skin is languourous,

Even sexy. As the weather turns so

Hot, you don’t want to move, or if

You must, move ever so slowly

Each step an intent. Your intension

To be still and let the air soak you,

It’s tensions coiled like the sweltering

Sun, every movement defining muscles,

Each breath shallow, your body unfurling

Like the flag on the 4th of July, measures

The rising temperature, and relaxes into

The bright hot air. There is no rush, no

Hurry. Take in each breath, but do not

Gulp the air, you should not swallow the heat

Let your body enjoy the engulfing heat, your

Skin damp with effortless sweat


Made in the shade

Grilling, baking, broiling,

That’s good for meat,

You need to be chillin’


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