Cloud formations

It’s a still-life landscape,

Painted in place, frozen

Clouds dotting a blue sky,

Puffs that float lazily,

Moored to a canvas of blue,

Unmoving, unmoved even by

The tufts of air that breeze

Across the water, the

River rippling with current,

Active, unlike the placid sky,

Fir trees making a soldierly

Display, green tinged with blue,

Like the sky but deeper,

Clouds of a sudden disperse,

Quietly, no longer suspended

In a silent sky, the exhibit

Changes when they disperse,

As noiselessly as if the picture

Weren’t different, as if they

Stayed in place, painted flat,

In the blue sky, all smooth lines

No edges, unpretentious, simple

Like a primitive painting, unrefined

A new still-life painted on a clear sky



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