Daily Prompt: Obsessed

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Photo © Tamara Beck
Photo © Tamara Beck

An obsession is what occupies the mind so completely as to allow no room for anything else. Eating and sleeping are fit into the busy obsessive’s schedule by default, of course, but primarily s/he focuses on the subject at hand. Or the object in mind.

Most of us have favorite themes in our life, things–sometimes theories– which keep us up late, and early. Everyone obsesses over something, but no one does it better than those suffering unrequited love. The one you love is perfect, and the center of your world. If only s/he would realize that you, too, are perfect and make you the center of his/her universe as well. Oh, well….

If you have no Rosebud, or Rosaline (or Juliet) over which to obsess, you need to find another hobbyhorse.

Orson Welles made a childhood memory into a lifelong obsession in Citizen Kane. Interestingly, this movie segues into my current obsession of defeating one of the presidential hopefuls   (Thank you Mother Jones for this telling episode of the Trump Files.)

There also some of us who are obsessed with ourselves.  This statement is not a non-sequitur, but definitely applies to my current obsession.

People with a lot of time on their hands sometimes like to get into the conspiracy game. Unlike obsessions in love, these are more like my current political fears, but maxed out. Did Oswald act alone? is an unhappy example.

Keeping things in perspective is key. Try not to let your obsessions keep you up at night, or haunt your dreams.




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