Daily Prompt: Moon

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The moon is an inspiring fellow, especially on the occasions he shows up early in the summer sky. It’s still light out, and yet, there he is, round and jolly.

The man in the moon

In the film, The Other End of the Line, Jessie Metcalfe’s Grainger says it’s David Bowie’s face we see in the full moon. His sometime soon to be girlfriend, Priya, played by Shriya Saran, retorts that she thought it was Mick Jagger. The exchange is just one of the many charms of this lovely film, and it’s only relevance here is in the discussion of the moon.

Moonstruck, a far more famous and iconic movie, uses the moon as a mystical and surreal character among its myriad character studies. I am digressing, however, and will come back to my own observations of the moon.

“Reaching for the moon” has always meant having great aspirations. We should all keep our expectations high, even in light of the accomplishments of  the team on the Apollo 11.


Space flight usually really centers on humans finding habitable planets outside our earth as destination. Nonetheless, when Neil Armstrong said: “one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind,” he immortalized the first moon landing.

Of course, Ralph Cramden had been promising his wife Alice such a landing for some time, effectively immortalizing domestic abuse humor for a generation of Boomers.

Despite the political incorrectness of such remarks, we still cherish The Honeymooners for their affectionate relationship and the poignant stories Jackie Gleeson and Audrey Meadows, along with their co-horts Art Carney and Joyce Randolph, brought into homes from October 1955 to September 1956.

Many moons have passed since then.




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