Can you hear me now?

Out of the belief that we are each of us fascinating creatures whose every movement must be documented, the GPS call was invented.

By USAF –, Public Domain,

But we don’t stop there. Many of us celebrate every step we take with an announcement. “I’m putting on my glasses,” I pronounced this morning, to my husband and to no one in particular. He said, does that mean something? I was at a loss to explain the significance.

At least the people on their cell phones on the bus can justify their sharing of intelligence with the possibility that the person on the other end of the call is going to meet them at the destination. The call is informational.

It is true that on a couple of occasions, I have overheard the GPSer giving false claims, but I can only think it was in the interest of not worrying.

My instinct to describe my every move just emerges from my ego.


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