Built-in contradictions

You don’t have to go up the down staircase or be wrong way Corrigan to wallow in contradictions.


There is the pitted prune, for example. No not a pitied prune, but one that is pit-less. Pitted sounds very much like something that has a pit. In fact, it is not. Someone has taken out the pits during packaging to make it easier for the consumer. The pitted prune is without its pit.

Pitted may also apply to cherries and other small fruits whose central kernels or stones are removed.


Find more inconsistencies in the confusion that can be caused by mentioning  a fee for the service of having a cork removed. When your waiter uncorks a bottle you have brought (in a BYOB kind of place), the tariff is called a corking fee. The term usually used is corkage, which dates to the mid 1800s, and applies generally to bottle sof wine.


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