Be precise

via Daily Prompt: Specific

“Awaken Mac” by cb2k – [1]. Licensed under GPL via Wikimedia Commons –
Accuracy is not always an easy achievement. Some of us are meant to be vague, in intention as well as in fact. Finding the specificity of our intentions and in the facts is a goal well resolved.

Specific information is not just accurate and precise, it is invariably more helpful. For instance, a little bit of cinnamon may be a very nice direction, but it is not specific enough for a consistency in taste. Your aunt may have left you many such recipes, in which a pinch of this and a dash of that was meant to end up as her famous chocolate cake. No wonder it always fails to live up to your memory.

Likewise, you could drive around in loops upon loops without very specific directions. GPS turns out to be a good guidance system, and sometimes your friend’s scribbled good intentions are less than useful. Then, there’s that date you and MaryJane made for around
2 o’clock at the Starbucks. Come 2:15 you begin to wonder if you’re in the right coffeeshop, and MaryJane figures around 2 could turn into 2:30 without any harm or foul. Someone less ambiguous would have specified 2pm at the Starbucks on the corner of 68th and 1st.
Neither of you would have suspected any misdirection, because neither of you gave any. Such are the vagaries of the vague!

Follow the resolution. Be specific.



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