Swim, float or sink

via Daily Prompt: Float thanks to Ben Huberman, The Daily Post

Quiet waters © 2014 Tamara Beck

Staying afloat is sort of minimalist goal. It lacks the ambition of climbing the highest peak, or inventing a novel contrivance. However, if you are in deep waters, staying afloat gains in noble aspiration. You definitely don’t want to sink.

Floating is no longer just skating by when life or death are at stake.

You might also find yourself afloat in the sky, and that is actually an even higher calling than that of that mountain. Hovering above the earth is even more exhilarating than flying a small plane over the Berkshire foliage.

As for developing the next great device, you may actually play a part in that when you float your idea about the gizmo to your colleagues. They take up on your suggestion and everyone chips in to get it to Beta.

Float along with ease until you hit the heights of your imagination, float your innovation, and find yourself floating on air when it becomes a reality.

Floating is not just for slouches anymore, is it?



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