Full of grace

via Photo Challenge: Graceful

mom_and_reuben_in_berkshiresGrace Kelly was a woman whose persona was an embodiment of the meaning of her first name. She was elegant, ethereal, and stylish. In short, she had grace. My mother reminded me of her, or of Marlene Dietrich, another iconically cool blonde. In her presence, I always felt a bit

Grace is, however, I have found over the years, a state of mind. And a style. It’s a presentation. And it is, in its way, contagious.

Those practitioners of dance whose skills I have always admired move with grace. And their grace is infectious. Just watching them makes us feel be can glide easily, as if you and they are floating on the same air.  Ballet dancers, modern dancers, ballroom and flamenco dancers, tap artists, they are each and all graceful.

Their poise leaves spectators in awe of their skills, agility and finesse. They “move in beauty,” as Lord Byron put it, “like the night.” Would that my tongue were as fluent as their motion is fluid! It is to those light-footed and nimble that I humbly bow down.




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