None of your business

via Daily Prompt: Privacy

A selfie in kitchen: new haircut, I couldn’t resist. (TMI?–could be worse, and much more personal!)

Depending upon your point of view, perhaps I should have headlined this TMI, aka too much information. Privacy, it appears, has become a generational issue. Millennials are prone to share; they have cut their teeth on Facebook, and Instagram, where revealing personal information is de rigueur. Everyone–even us late-blooming seniors- with a cell-phone has taken to the airways to announce his/her location on the bus.

Mind your business

Identity theft is the monster under the bed for all of us, but it seems that older folks are a lot more leery of having their private information breached. Maybe. Some seniors are more likely to chat with strangers, who make those telemarketing offers they can’t seem to refuse. I would surmise that these are lonely people, happy for a chance to speak with a youngster. Indulging in risky behavior is not limited to one age group. It is often hard to guage how much exposure is too much.

Can you hear me, now?

Indiscriminate posting is more likely a younger person’s game, but never underestimate what your grandma can learn about the internet. Social media is a temptation few of us can resist. All that reality TV has made us eager for our 15-minutes, too. We crave the attention of others. It makes us feel a part of something.

The internet can feel like a confessional booth to many of us. We should remember that the individuals at the other end, however, are not priests sworn to keeping our secrets safe.



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