b462c-thendLooking for proof of life after death? Social media may provide you with documentation.

I blog, keeping a journal–or journals, in fact– of my journey. My many opinions, critiques, poems are a self-published legacy. The sidewalksuperblog and Our Theater Diary is part of my path to immortaility.I wish to leave behind a touch of what I hope is my eloquence.

When I’m done, I will stop posting. Naturally.

Although I follow W.B. Yeats’  inspiring aphorisms and tweets, I am aware that he is an avatar, not a resurrection. Twitter allows us to rest once we’re done chirping.

It is on Facebook and LinkedIn that we are likely to see signs of life continuing after we’ve passed on. On FB, reminders of dad’s birthday keep those gone alive. Likewise, LNKD may ask that you congratulate a friend on a work anniversary after those are no longer celebrated.

Changing your statuis finals on either platform requires the personal touch. Updates are self determined and need to be edited, as it were, by the hand of the “account” holder.

Our on-line persona live on.

It’s time to arrange to appoint someone to shut down those FB, LNKD and Twitter accounts so when I die my ending is final, on line as it is in life.



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