Just Perfect

via Daily Prompt: Ten

10There was a movie in which female perfection was rated as Ten. It may have had some ironic implications, but we consider ten to be an apex.

When reviewing Hamilton, for instance, I cutely called it the Perfect 10 (you know, ‘cuz he’s on the bill.) Sticking to my meme, I lauded Hamilton‘s Tony wins as A Perfect 10 that Won 11. It is, by the way, that good.

Let me give a nod to the upcoming Super Bowl here: In football, the first and 10 puzzles non-afficiandos. The footballers get to go for this intermediate goal¬†four times! Sometimes, it appears, they just can’t get that far.

Ten is also a valuable number, from which we can make other numerical assumptions.10 helps us aspire to 100. 10 x 10, after all is 100, as you know. Many of us do indeed aspire to 100%. Some of us achieve it. Aspiration is often about the unattainable made manifest. Aspiration is also inspirational, and so ten is an inspiration.


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