Very damaging… Sad

by Tamara Beck

via Daily Prompt: Devastation

There is a long list of devastating events that have spilled over from 2016 into 2017. Here we are experiencing some of the strangest unheard of things ever.

There may be hope in January 21st, but this is just day four of the next 1456. A few notes on our present and future follow:

Trump (repealing ACA) to America: Drop dead!
Trump to America (raising taxes on cars built outside the USA): you’re fired. When no job meets higher prices, what do you get, America? No chance to buy that new car.
If you think totalitarianism is scary, wait til you get a load of anarchism. It will blow you (and our precious country) away.
America First, a WWII chant that makes for an iffy proposition in a globalized economy. Just as it did in 1939, 1940, 1941…. America First proposes what exactly? That America pull out of the world?
You can’t lead without followers. To have followers, you need connections. No one will follow if you are determined to go it alone.
Among all the earnest signs at the #WhyWeMarch on January 21st in New York City, this one deserves its own meme: Orange today, ImPeach tomorrow.

Bill Clinton empathized with us: “I feel your pain,” he said sincerely.
Barack Obama uncovered our best selves, recognizing what America really is: a progressive perfectible country.
Where are we now? Tweeting out old grudges, and obsessing over the “ratings” for his inauguration? Come on, America can’t have sunk this low.

In the immortal inflections of Abbot and Costello, I ask you: So, Lou, what a devastating state of affairs is this?




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