Be Vocal

via Discover Challenge: Speak Out

In a troubled political environment, it is tempting to be silent and stay out of the fray. Others will speak for us. Let the politicians and the press give voice to our feats and grievances.

It is tempting but possibly more dangerous than being vocal.

Some of us will respond to the challenge of being heard with humor.The old adage, “laugh to keep from crying” is certainly applicable here.  Laughter is a way to keep us going.Our plight as a nation is no longer funny. In fact, the press’ amusement at the antics of our newly sworn in president gave him publicity even his money could not buy- assuming any inclination on his part of actually spending his money. Look where  the press’ fascination with the memes from his career has landed us.

It’s also tempting to be funny by repeating a favorite phrase from his reality tv life; that would mean I would say that He told Attorney General Sally Yates “you’re fired.” It makes a good headline, and that is what sunk (in some part) the election. His expressions were irresistible, but while you might be mocking, he is very serious. This attempt at levity greatly undermines the gravity of our national situation.

Sanity and clarity is in short supply and is very much needed. Let’s stick to excoriation and that new four letter (+one) word– facts. They should speak for themselves. Those facts
siting bad acts and poor decisions made in the first 10 days are legion.

Diplomacy has become territorial. The USA now has and keeps affiliations that are moored to the president’s real estate holdings and transactions. Our allies are countries, even those that are Muslim, where he has hotels. Our enemies, mainly in Muslim countries, where he does not. This is from our country’s point of view. Other nations have aligned against our acts, including Australia and of course Mexico and that darn wall. Diplomacy is also being conducted by presidential (not to use the word too loosely) tweets. Can any of this serve our national security?

If you find this worrisome, please speak out.



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