An email asking “Who needs a brand new brand?” evoked this answer from me:

It is the United States that needs a brand new brand. We have become perilously the Divided States. The executive branch continues to execute inadvisable orders based on the suggestions of the chief strategist, Steve Bannon. If you wonder who this man is, think disruptive, white supremacist.
Racism is not patriotic. Our chief executive has sworn to uphold the constitution, which suggests that he should stop listening to Steve Bannon, an extremacist who has avowed a distaste for American democracy and a desire to “blow up” the constitution.
To our Republican friends who still feel that we regret the loss of an election as if winning or losing were everything to the left, let me make this clear: we are in fear of losing our country. That is our only concern, worry over the likes of Steve Bannon, whom sane republicans should excoriate for his racist, white supremacist views. The fact that he has the ear and full attention of our new commander in chief is more than a little troubling. It should trouble you as well. Nothing in the past weeks assures us that this is an exaggerated fear. On the contrary, Steve Bannon is just one of a group of ill-advised and dangerous advisors. There is really really truly no such thing as alternative facts, and I know that you know that that is true.

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