The glass facade also countermands the role that isolation plays in the city and the privacy that that offers us.


ps5462nikeGlass is an inviting material. It has an airy lightness, while it also lets in lots of light. Sometimes it reflects the sky; at other times, it just seems to open up the view. Often, it seems as if light emanates from within a glass building as well.

Glass houses are not a new phenomena, although they seem to be a current trend, as in the ones at Astor Place above. Their lightness counter balances the heavy solidity of brick or limestone.

The Seagram Building, designed by Mies van der Rohe, was a sensation in 1958 when it was completed. With its set-in design, open space and feeling of openness, the skyscraper is built of structural steel and decorative glass with non-structural bronze I-beams. The Seagram is a very handsome glass encompassed corporate hq.

Construction on the UN Secretariat Building started in 1947. It is the centerpiece of the United Nations compound and…

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