February 4, 2017

Sense is not always so common

© Tamara Beck

Commonsense has left the building, accompanied arm in arm with sanity. Disruption replaces order. Civic pride is dislodged by white supremacy. Racism stands in for patriotism.

Rule by dis-rule becomes the meme. Orders are executed, if not always carried out, without regard to constitutionality. Extra-legal has trounced lawfulness.

140 characters substitute for character.

Are we still amused by the antics, the bullying pranks, that alt-facts? “Oh, I bet he doesn’t have an American birth certificate.” “I’ve heard that 3 or 5 million votes were cast for Hillary by illegals.” “I believe there was a huge crowd, the biggest ever, at the inauguration.”

Who are we?

Conservative, liberal, right wing, left wing. Bats to all that.

I am a preservationist.

I want to preserve the American constitution. I want to preserve the liberties it guarantees us.

I want to preserve America’s friendly relationships in the world.

I want to preserve the life Americans treasure.

I want to preserve the progress America has made in bringing social justice to all its citizens.

I want to preserve American institutions. The government is what stands between us and chaos, between us and anarchy.

I want to preserve our American judiciary. It stands between us and lawlessness.

Stand up with me for this great land, and defend the principles on which it was founded.


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