I’m Okay, You’re OK

It’s all relative

One can blame liberals, at least in part, for the popularity of a theory of the relativity of facts. Pluralism, inclusiveness calls upon us to accept everyone’s truths as equally reasonable. Look where this leads.

When everything is acceptable and there is no benchmark for good and evil, evil triumphs.
There is no right or wrong. Where there is no judgement, nothing is outré. Everything is okay. Alternative facts become a real possibility in such an all-encompassing world view.

d3693-1-hesaidshesaidThe only reason to present alternatives to truth is to create uncertainty. This is a tool favored by demagogues. When a defense attorney suggests an “alternative” theory to the facts presented by the prosecution in a case, it is to create reasonable doubt. The jury then has to understand that the accused might not have done it. This type of deliberation need not be carried out inI our day-to-day. Nor should our reality be discolored by a scrum of made-up news and foolish speculations.

Say It Ain’t So.

Is it science? Or is it science fiction? Alternative facts can make any nonsense seem to be true. Science is not subject to your opinions. It just is.

Shout outs to Hitler

Double eights, I recently learned, are Aryan code for “Heil Hitler!” Being Jewish, I would not normally be privy to such information, but thanks to the great age of information (and mis-, as well) I read about this clandestine signal. Given the proliferation of  all the misinformation and untrustworthy news, I check my sources carefully. The “88” tidbit was from a reliable source.

In normal times, one would not be reading about these undercover “hand shakes” shared by admirers of Fascism, but there is little normal in these times. Despite the heady atmosphere of White Supremacy and America Firstness, throwbacks to less ideal times, the administration has its share of Jews toiling alongside the race-baiters and haters. The house Jews, though no house Muslims, include one whose proximity to New York slummy real estate apparently qualifies him to negotiate for peace in the Middle East. Another had been mentored by Nazi Richard Spencer and one who is a protégé of the admin’s own Steve Bannon. There is a lot of pragmatic cynicism at play but let’s face it, the players here are not benign middle of the road guys.

Watch out

Be wary of the man who says “I love women.” There is a chaser in that sentence, and I am not just talking about the conventional one who pursues you around the office desk. What follows implicitly to that assertion is “in their place.” In short, it is not a feminist decree.


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