Truth or dare?

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Arthur Szyk (1894-1951). Thomas_Jefferson’s Oath (1951), New Canaan, CT

Who is the enemy of the people? Is it the demagogue or the one who brings bad actions to light?

The job of the press and all news media is to uncover and cover facts.

Aren’t lies the enemy of the people and the truth its friend?

Not really a church-goer (they tend to worship someone other than himself). he brings his followers together with a prayer.

BTW: Did you know that a campaign rally begins with an invocation? We who are not Christian have been put on notice. The Lord’s Prayer is truly an iconic New Testament¬†passage; apparently this rally is not a hang out for Jews and Muslims, or Buddhists for that matter, among a slew of other possible affiliations an American might choose.

Elected President? How did that happen? I wanted to be king.

Preparing for 2020 when he has proven he can’t handle the first month of his 2017 “win” is more than a tad presumptious.

The Trump Truck rages on:

Falsehoods can be benign. Little white lies like “I did not finish the milk” might mean you gotta drink your coffee black this morning.¬†Excoriating truth tellers (“the lying media” or “Hil-liary”) as inventors of fake news is damaging.

The more powerful the liar, the more damage his untruths can cause. The con artist expounds his own fake news, sells it really well and fosters an unhinged environment.

The suggestion that he is unhinged is beside the point. It does not mitigate the effect of the fakery .


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