Just like Jello

via Daily Prompt: Jiggle

640px-gabelbissenMy grandfather, not generally given to antics, talked to the aspic. His words, “don’t quiver, I won’t eat you” were immortalized by my mother. They remain fondly in my memory. It is a sentiment I generally share, although I loved my mother’s pigs feet in aspic. I resent panna cotta for its shaky texture.

Jell-o, the easy-to-make (nearly instant) desset much favored by dieters and people who have difficulty chewing. epitomizes grandpa’s quip . The average cup of this popular gelatinous food is often colorful and firmer than the  aspic he dreaded. The illustrations on the box of Kraft’s product are almost enticing.

It can be made quickly and served within hours, and because it is sweet, it can provide a fulfilling end to a meal. My husband likes it well enough to have made it himself on occassion. All these seem like such good excuses for my stopping so long at the supermarket to look over all the lovely “flavors” on display. There’s lime green, and cherry red, and strawberry red, and orange orange, and yellow lemon.

If it weren’t for the jiggle, I would be convinced to take one home.


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