Straight down the middle

via Daily Prompt: Center

© Tamara Beck

The opportunity to be all things to all people could put you in the center of the world.

It rarely happens. Most of us are polarized or in some cases polarizing characters in the script of our lives. We would have to exercise a fierce neutrality to be otherwise.

The concept of being centered, of finding who we are and staying in that moment, is very zen, and equally difficult to achieve.

The center may be just to the west of where you are. Likewise, or alternatively, it may be just east of your location.

Centrism in politics may not be the popular position, especially in our wildly divisive times. It should be what we all aim for: A kind of normalcy based on civic pride and a mutual respect among all its citizenry. Drawing lines in the sand so that one or the other of us has to take an orientation on either side of the other is counter productive to democracy. Where oh where is that middle-ground, that center?


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