Boldly going

Inquiries into subjects large and small

Recently it came into my little mind to wonder about the “bobby pin.” Why is it so named?

A simple inquiry in Wikipedia yields the easy information that the pin became popular in holding in place the “bobbed” hairstyles of the roaring ’20s. The article, in the typical erudition of this fount of information, also offers many uses besides coiffure for the hair pin known as bobby.

One down, many more questions to go. When in doubt, consult an expert.

Late term blonde

The late term blonde as bad ass

It would have been nice to test the proposition that “blondes have more fun” at a younger point in my life. As it is, I have spent several decades covering grey and white with gold under the auspices of Clairol products, and the ministrations of their experts at their Research Labs.

Yes, it has been fun.

It’s not a bobby I’m thinking of…

As it turns out, when the mind meanders about, it can land on an inquiry it did not mean to start. Thus, it also happens that I was trying to find the origin of the safety pin, though the bobby is much more romantical or fancick.

While a straight pin can prick, the safety is designed to avoid such mishaps. It hinges around and goes inside a cover so that it says securely closed. Unlike the bobby pin, this one is not used for hair but to hold together errant clothing and baby diapers.


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