1ethicsEthics in business seems quaint in our dystopian moment. Since I have feathers, I still have hope. I am not completely alone. They still teach this old-fashioned concept in B’Schools.

Baruch is especially aggressive in pursuit of matters of good governance, particularly at its Zicklin Center for Corporate Integrity where programs like Ethics in Entrepreneurship are shared with students, alumni and public alike.

On March 7th, Scott Stern, the David Sarnoff Professor of Management at the MIT Sloan School of Management presented The Foundations and Ethics of Entrepreneurial Strategy
at Baruch’s Newman Vertical Campus. His presentation brought up many questions about the intersection of good business and the good, as it should.

Dr. Stern’s premise is that when entrepreneurs make choices in their business paths, they will also be making value choices. He suggested that when they choose to pursue a business plan, they will choose an ethical path because acting with good intent is ultimately better for business.

This may also be a quaint premise in our dystopian times, but it gives me hope.



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