via Daily Prompt: Record

(c) Tamara Beck

Once upon a time, I was involved in a family business that produced recordings of books. The product in question was not vinyl but rather on spools. Cassettes were the mold of the day at the time. Today, it would be digital and some five years ago, we would have made CDs. For the record, we were involved in an enterprise that made a record of the written words of the likes of the Brothers Grimm or Charles Perrault as well as Jane Austen or John Steinbeck.

There is very little record of our endeavors, as we were not a fully successful venture. We used to brag that this was because we were ahead of our time. That may be, but we could also boast that we were underfunded, and understaffed. Our engineer was decidely an amateur; I know because it was I. I was also the marketing manager, and while my efforts were valiant, I think I lacked credentials in that post as well. If my record as EVP is judged by results, I hit shy of a home run.

Our readers were friends I hired from the neighborhood surrounding our South Lee, MA HQ. While they all had good voices, and some technique, none of them was a professional reader. They were actors, but on a smaller stage than the readers at some of the later competition has unearthed. Our talent did not have the track record needed to put our company on the map.

In short, let the record show, that this resourceful and ingenius operation was a trial run and a failure.


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