Tats are hard to erase

The proliferation of tattoos are an opportunity for the laser studios that remove them.

If it weren’t for pain, you might not need to take Sally’s name off your bicep. Of course, once you decide to get a tattoo removal, there is more pain in that, too. There’s no way around it.

My opinion is that using your body as a canvas for design and feelings is unnecessary.

Naturally, you will do what you wish.

Drama queen

Weather creates a different kind of pain for many of us. In my case, it’s the unpleasantness of being housebound because of a snow event, as the weather guys might call it.

This one was A Storm Named Stella. Yes, Marlon, S T EL LA. The gentleman caller we anticipated last week or so, Reggie, never really showed up, but the lady definitely did. 

We are way north of New Orleans. We passed Mardi Gras some two weeks ago. Yet, here came Stella, up from the south and the west. She had Chicago roots, I gather, and she gathered power as she went. The cold is holding and there is plenty of snow still on the ground. It will not turn slushy because it is way below 32F. Walking on it will still be no party, but today I venture out.


View from the window.

Very often, but not always, you see, the tempest proves to be a big zero. It can easily fit in a teapot, and this time, although Stella packed a wallop of snow onto our streets, she did not bring the winds.

No blizzard meant less whirling and easier accumulation. That’s good news for us. And so, as I believe I said, I venture out today.


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