Make your own

via Daily Prompt: Luck

I’m in clover

There are many iterations of luck and one of those is the famous “luck of the Irish.” This being St Paddy’s day, it gets first billing.

Some suggest that we make our own luck and not rely on forces unknown to make or break us. I actually believe that there is such a thing as luck, or serendipity of happenstance that makes situations work out for the better.

Of course, there are the luckless, who toil in a constant unappreciated funk. “If it weren’t for bad luck,” their story goes, “I would have no luck at all.”

These days, the luckless are celebrated in a tide of populist politics that says they are unacknowledged. Someone else, much less deserving, is getting all that should belong to them.

Happy circumstances can help everyone succeed, but they are not always on the offing. In their absence, a state of being disgruntled hardly makes anything better. As we are learning from our politicians (and anyone elected to a political office is one no matter how much he/she disclaims it) nothing is made better (or greater) by anger and disaffection.

Don’t let the populists fool you into a permanent aggrievement. Try your luck at some joy.




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