A very hot potato

via Daily Prompt: Controversy

Usually, I am a fan of a hot potato. That is to say, when it’s baked and brimming with butter, it is perfect eaten fresh out of the oven (or microwave.)

Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=6498898

That reminds me, there is currently a “hot potato” of a controversy over whether the microwave makes a good surveillance tool. Some say, because tin foil can’t be used in it without causing a short, it’s tailor-made for the paranoid. Others insist that there is no way to turn the kitchen device used to quickly make food hot into a spy machine.

I would say this is a good example of difference of opinion. And of course of alt-realities.

Admittedly not every difference in opinion leads to an altercation or disputaiton. Some don’t even rise to the level of debate. “Agree to disagree,” shrug, walk away.

This is not the style of some of our elected officials (one of whom shall remain nameless, but holds the highest elected office in the land.) The “agree” part disagrees with him, as does walking away from any controversy large or small.

Vengeful tweets ensue.

You may have to wrangle that hot potato!


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