Is Twitter vulgar?

Twitter® The icon for 140 character messenging.

Is Twitter cheap? Is it vulgar? These questions are probably pointless, even if they seem pointed. There is much to be said in Twitter’s favor.

Twitter, I once quipped, is 140 characters in search of meaning. I have a complaint on one of my Twitter accounts (yes, I have several) about the feeling that I have been dropped into the middle of a conversation.

My actual quote, as social media is mostly narcissistic I am sharing it with you, is: “Am I alone in this: Love your tweets, just missing the context? Happens more than I like to admit. .”


In truth the political tweets I follow have proven very pithy and useful.  I follow many like-minded folks, inlcuding  @SenSanders, and @MMFlint and my home state Democrat,
@SenatorSchumer. I try to keep up with the arts with a diverse feed from that world including @N_Y_C_Artists, and @Lin_Manuel. It is hard to keep abreast, even in this medium which boils it all down to the fewest common denominator of words.Media outlets like @washingtonpost keep me from being a complete ignoramus.

On the other hand, there is plenty of what I believe is called trolling on Twitter. I have had to block several “followers” whose presentation was heavy on the “t and a.”  In general, when we say social media, we mean media where people who don’t necessarily know one another, carry on exchanges in a relatively impersonal way. It is not truly “social” and it is not really fully evolved media.

Twitter can be a “bluebird of happiness,” cheerfully spreading rumors, information, actual facts and many many opinions in little blasts. It is a tool for marketing, comnversation and small communicaiton. It should not be a source for policy making or big decisions, but you knew that already.




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