Regal colors, neutral color

via Daily Prompt: Purple

red, blue, purple

Context is everything.

In reference to prose, for instance, purple gets a very bad rap. Purple prose is overwrought.

On the other hand, it is the color associated with royalty. It combines red and blue into a lovely shade. That combination also brings us to an united America, in which blue states (mostly defined as liberal) and red states (proponents of a conservative bent) merge. Politicians wear purple ties. Hillary wore a purple pant suit after the election to suggest that there would be a continuity in these United States.

on edge

It has not really happened. #45’s loyal fans and followers find any fault-finding or even inquiry into his actions and possible misdeeds as too partisan and so unfair.

Likewise, those of us who tilt towards a more progressive position are unlikely to look for reasons to like the current administration.
There is no middle ground, no melding of blue with red for most of us. It is a sad fact, but true.

Purple may be our color of reconciliation, but coming together in this political time is harder than just donning a neutral tie.


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