This is mine, and this is…

via Daily Prompt: Territory

1Marlowe-GraftonTamburliane was a very possessive guy. Centuries before Hitler-or for that matter, Putin– felt the urge to annex, Tamburlaine the Great wondered through countries not his own proclaiming “and this is mine.” At least that is how Christopher Marlowe remembered it. Apparently, the Turkic-Mongolian scourge, properly known as Amir Timur,  also inspired Edgar Allan Poe to publish his first collection of poems, Tamarlane and Other Poems.

Marlowe’s Tamburlaine rose from obscurity to rule the world. He was not the first tyrant to appropriate territory not his own. Nor the last. Most Empires (the Holy Roman, the British, etc etc) were built on the same principle. European settlers took native lands from the first Americans they found there, and thus “the West was won!”

In taking land that did not belong to them, land already inhabited by other peoples, conquerors depleted natural resources, and subjugated those who were original to the countries they ruled. “Taking their oil,” a suggestion a candidate made during his rise to the presidency, is the base proposition of such conquests. Inevitably, ground rules which include ground rule end in invasions or war.



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