Trolls and troglodytes

Twitter® The icon for 140 character messenging.

Beware: they lure you in with “I’m not racist. I voted for him for my children & grandchildren.”

They are trolls (in the internet sense, or perhaps nonsense) who then repeat the familiar mantras of the election campaign.

They will respond to any question about how they feel about the administration with flurries of rhetorical praise. “He is doing so much better already than Obama did in 8 yrs,” they’ll say. “He is doing more.” In fact, they will assert, “He has done more than BO ever did.” Their tweets are then shared with their acquaintances who add more insults against either the predecessor or the defeated rival in the campaign.

Like his spokesfolk, they stay on message, I’ll say that for them.  I am sure that one day, but I am not sure that it will be soon, they will wake to the truth and face facts. When will they notice the reality of his failures to lead?

Conservatives will rue the day that a very minor celebrity became president.



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