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Three / Spring

The advent of the spring always sends me into fancies. Please come along with me.

Photo © Tamara Beck.


In April, it is always more

Light than it is heat

The sunshine, bright

But not warming as it will

Definitely be come May, come June


Quiet waters © 2014 Tamara Beck


Air slips in, just as it escapes

From the crevice above the window

Sash, the warp in the metal frame

Allows breath to flow, evenly

In and out with the rhythm of

A new season

Behind home plate with guard rail. Photo by Tamara Beck


There is always renewal

The spring forces its way

Into our days and nights

Even our dreams suffer

Its torments and delights

Its brazen entry at the portal

Before winter has departed

Its stubborn slow arrival

Changing the rhythm of our breath


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