Tidbits and tatters

Questions from the “nuclear winter:”

Did you know that M.A.D. meant mutually assured destruction?

Do we have any reason to call Albert Einstein the father of atomic energy? What did he contribute to the nuclear arms race?

Was Carl Sagan a hero?

Questions from the 2016 era:

Is America suffering from temporary insanity?

Can this defense be used to excuse us from our civic atrophy?

Celebrity sighting

His companions were ragging him. He seemed oblivious as he told them about his cousin. “She was on The Sopranos,” he said, “twice.” She had small roles, he confessed, but he was clearly so proud.

Advice to scammers

Everyone knows that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Free trips, for instnace, are too good to be true. So, when you call to make an offer– give ’em half off.
Try something like “and a companion rides free,” cause that’s plausible.

“Call now to take advantage of this great discount. We’ll need your credit card information, of course, to secure your place for two, but you’ll pay for only one. Just make the call and we’ll talk details. And, hey, anything less than first class won’t do.”

733 was Jesse Owens’ number when he won 4 medals in the 1936 Berlin Olympics.


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