How long?

via Daily Prompt: Measure

© Tamara Beck

There are any number of ways to interpret the word of the day, which is measure.

Let’s start with the tale of the tape. We measure in inches, most of the rest of the world in centimeters. Yards and miles vs meters and kilometers. Different strokes, as the saying goes. Note that such differences make for differences in point of view, as well.  If I record my walk in kilometers, I go a bit further than when I use miles as my measure. In short, or long, we measure to quanify and compute. The unit by which we measure is a standard on our scale.

A measure can also be a legislative proceeding. Bills passed by the Congress (if that ever happens again) go into effect and require actions. The initiative gains impetus from the needs of the people. Gauging (or measuring) those needs is the duty of elected officials. The electorate sets the standard.



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