Black and white

via Daily Prompt: Gray

greySomewhere down the line, between black and white, or perhaps by mixing the latter two, we come to gray. It’s considered dull partly because of its concilatory demeanor, but gray can be a vibrant place to land.

The thinking man (or woman) uses his/her gray cells to come up with the many great ideas that have moved humanity forward. Unfortunately, that same brain matter–most likely in someone else’s head– has also moved us backward, but that is grist for another mill.

The gray beards and grey heads are the elder statesmen (yes, and women) of our tribes.
Far from being dull, they can enliven any party with tales of the good old days. Really! History is awe-inspiring.

Gray or grey, either way you spell it, has any number of shades. It is a nuanced color of its own, even though it’s always achromatic. There’s Spanish grey, and platinum, steel and granite, as well as Gainsboro, charcoal and silver. It can suggest depression, as in gray skies or a grey mood. It is ambiguous, as when we see it as part of a “gray area” of ethical contemplation. Grey can reflect on one’s modesty: it is not flashy, and it is the color of sackcloth and ashes. There are shadows hidden in the grey light as day comes to a close.

There is so much variation, gradation and differences of shades in grey that it is positively a contender for the subtlety prize.