“You had me at …?”

via Daily Prompt: Yarn

knitted sock

Yarn is a staple. It is essential to the making of cloth. Sweaters are knit from its strands.

It is stretched, and washed, dried and dyed; yarn is a product used by the garment biz. It is equally necessary to amateurs who wish to gift handmade socks and scarves on the holidays.
Speaking of socks, we darn them with yarn, as well as making them from scratch. Or is that too old-fashioned an use?

You may also say that a yarn is a tall tale, as well as a long sock (see illus.) And I will tell you more on that anon aka shortly….

Well, you are lucky that is now anon (not as in anonymous, but as in later or shortly as per above) so I can share the other half of this yarn with you.

This is the tall tale portion of my tale

Drawing out a yarn is sort of like drinking a long glass of water. You get our attention when you first begin to chug. Then it’s held until you finish the last drop.

Myth-making is kind of like that. Your tall tale gets us with its improbable premise and we want to see where that premise leads.

We want to see your yarn unravel.