Shot from a cannon

via Daily Prompt: Catapult

(c) Tamara Beck

Trickle down economics has the people of Kansas suffering major cuts to rudimentary services, and the state in devastation. If the Republican budget makers have their way, similar dissolutions will effect the middle class and working poor as they attempt to cut taxes for the very rich in order to have them, the rich, that is, create wealth for the rest of us.

“Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore.” But we may soon be….

The theory, not unfamiliar to anyone who has listened to conservatives explain it, is that when the wealthy have extra– aka, even more than they now have– money, they will use it to fund businesses. The reality is that most of the 1%ers already have money to finance an economic boom. The money never really travels downward, not even in slow drips, to the benefit of those in need of it. Instead, we are flung, as it shot from a cannon into a dyfunctional and unsustainable reality. The theory, in fact, could be called “alternative economics,” and fits in with the alt-reality and fake news into which we plunged over the past year.

Trickle down? Wha?

In fact, this kind of budget will give our administration what it seems to have wanted all along, the opportunity to shut down government institutions. Health and Human Services and the department of Housing and Urban Development, like the agency overseeing education in the United States will no longer be necessary. Some rich dude will fill in the gaps, and presumably fix the potholes.

It is not surprising that the well-to-do are enamored of this kind of economic necomancy.
It is incredible that the poor would also fall prey to its mysterious appeal.

Under such plans for our nation’s financial future, we will see an America catapulted into the dark ages. Isolated because it is isolationist when we espouse America First, this great country will lose services, safety nets and the security it enjoyed under less regressive leadership.