Daily Prompt: Polish

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Poland from whence come the Polish depicted in art: By Jan Matejko – former image [1] (uploaded to Wikipedia on 08:03, November 13, 2004 by User:Emax); current image source [2], Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1698646
Like so many English words, this one has multiple meanings. Polish may refer to the people from an often mocked Eastern European country.

It is also the stuff the fellow at the shoeshine stand uses to smarten your boots, or the material with which I spiff up my floors.

What to do? Riff on both, or on the third option which suggests a kind of finesse.

Meathead (Rob Reiner) was Archie Bunker’s (Carroll O’Connor) underappreciated Polish son-in-law. He may not have had much finesse but he did have lots of heart and plenty smarts.

Poland, like the Czechs more recently when the great writer Václav Havel was president, were fortunate to have a class act like Tadeusz Mazowiecki for their first non-Communist prime minister in 1946. Mazowiecki was a Polish author, journalist, and philanthropist who had been  one of the leaders of the Solidarity movement.

Let’s take a look at another kind of polish: it comes in either a liquid or waxy solid form. You apply it to either your parquet or to the tip of your shoe. It will give finesse, or shall we say, polish to floors and to footwear.