Keep it down, please

via Daily Prompt: Volume 

Disagreements turn into arguments as the volume of a set-to rises. The louder the confrontation, the more serious. Sound levels do not necessarily signal an altercation, of course.

“Pump up the volume(**) is a song lyric with tremendous appeal because it assumes that all parties to whatever is being shouted, screamed, sung or shared are on the same page. It also is contrived around a very very simple proposition. It is a dance tune.

(**) Written by Martyn Young, Steven Anthony Biggs • Copyright © Universal Music Publishing Group 

When volume refers to, say, quantity, and not quantity of noise, it may mean refer to how big a footprint something has. The amount of space an object occupies is its volume. Soluble substances are measured in this way as well, as a percentage of the whole. Weight by volume, for instance, is a phrase you may see in a chemistry or medical text.

So pump it up, or keep it down! Weigh it or measure it!