Heel-Toe (c) Tamara Beck

My view on the world of dance here will focus on the activity in which I participate. It is a far cry from the professional dancing I witness as an audience member, but it has its satisfactions.

I have the same enthusiasm for dancing to Michael Jackson tunes that I would for a Bill Cosby marathon on TV. MJ’s talent is not the point, here, of course, although I am sorry to say that I have never been a fan.

I dislike story ballets, yet I sit inventing stories for almost every ballet I watch.

Zumba is sort of Esperanto of the dance world. I particularly enjoy those Bollywood numbers, but it’s fun to travel each week.

The merengue mocks, but in a pleasant and light=hearted way. The macarena is inventive and also a funster of the dance modes. I am quite sure they are different, but I wish I knew exactly how.



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