Cloud sightings

Quiet waters, billowing clouds © 2014 Tamara Beck

Chapter 1: I am obsessed with the clouds in the sky, sometimes fluffy, usually ephemeral, they keep me grounded as the river and the buildings across the river, the bridges, and the helicopters never do.

Cotton candy skies, sweet all the way to a

Horizon, puffs of white mounds, some as

Solid as lumps in mashed potato, some as

Wispy and light as air, forming distant

Continents, all the way to a horizon,

Spanning overhead, patch of blue peaking

Out, in between and above the sweet

Cotton candy skies, like a world

Awaiting my exploration, but just out

Of reach.

Clouds are endlessly fascinating

They turn dark and threaten a downpour,

Or float innocently, as if held up by

Invisible strings in a vast blue,

A terrain different from ours on earth,

Both solid and ethereal at once, and

Suspended, billowing, over the horizon

Heat steams the sky so

A haze settles heavily below

The clouds, little countries of

White puffs, too far off

To visit, blowing around in the

Still, still air, steamy, the

Heat, oppressive, pushing down

The sun hiding from the crown

Of clouds, as they wander

In the murk spinning yonder

White clouds etched in shaded

Grey, their shadows weighted

Eclipsed along the way, haze

Resisting the sudden breeze

So that heat is all we feel

The blue of the sky is not teal

It is a baby blue, made pale

By the blur of mist, we can rail

Against the heat, and it makes

Us hotter, still, and will not slake

Even the rain cannot defeat

Or diminish the oppressive heat.