knitted sock is subject to unravelling

via Daily Prompt: Delivery

There is a kind of thril that maybe, just maybe, has been dilluted by our delivery culture.

Those of us accustomed to seeing the FedEx man drop a package at our door, or the Amazon checkmark brought to the doorman, may not feel the excitement of anticipating the mail.

It’s Christmas morning every day, noon and night, and so we don’t tremble with delight over the boxes left for us. We yawn when we break open the seal on the carton that came from; we were expecting all along. Retail deliveries are ordinary events in a world where on-line is the way to shop. We are inured to the kind of kick kids feel when they get a shiny new toy.

We get dinner by delivery too, so the pleasure of surprise is lost on us. The delivery man comes, and we get our order.